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Everyday all over the world children are making wishes and blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes. Meanwhile, there is a whole other segment of children whose birthday wish is just to have those candles on a birthday cake.

By Pledging Your Birthday to Box of Balloons you are raising funds to help give children in need birthday celebration.

Who are these children in need that are missing out on the opportunity to be celebrated? They are children in your own community! Children living homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters and other community shelters; children being helped by community service organizations like children's services, foster care programs, early childhood intervention programs, food pantries; and children of low income families in your local school system. These are children in your own neighborhood.

Why a Birthday party? Birthday parties are a rite of passage to children across the country. These are days where a child has the chance to feel important, special, validated, celebrated and loved. Research has shown that to young children the actual act of a birthday party signifies aging, therefore when a child does not have a party they do not believe that they are getting older, while their friends are. The at risk children receiving birthday parties from Box of Balloons are children who need a reason to smile and a day to forget the hardships their family is facing.

By donating to the Box of Balloons' Pledge Your Birthday Campaign, you will be providing the joy, hope and happiness that every child deserves.

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